Current Members:

Name: Ryan
Job: Vocals, Guitar
Gear: ESP & Ibanez srat-style guitars, Laney amps and Boss effects
Previous/Other Bands: Arayn Tormentor/ Infernal Hatred

Name: Mel
Job: Drums, backing vocals
Gear: Tama Drums & Hardware, Zildjian cymbals & sticks
Previous/Other Bands: Basement Metal

Name: Chamberlin
Job: Bass, backing vocals
Gear: BC Rich Warlock basses, Hartke Amps and DOD effects
Previous/Other Bands: Monkey Driver

Name: Andrew
Job: Lead Guitar
Gear: Ibanez & Jackson guitars and Peavey amps
Previous/Other Bands: Zee Docta

Previous Members:

Name: Rex
Job: Guitar
Gear: Jackson Guitars, Peavey amps and Digitech effects