Eviscerator began when Rex met Mel at a local bar and
they decided to jam in Mel's basement on some covers.
Rex eventually met Chamberlin through his girlfriend, Tish,
who was an old friend. The three of them began to work on
original material and to look for a singer/ guitarist.
They also decided to call themselves Eviscerator, thanks to
a suggestion from Rex. After a few potential singers Chamberlin
asked Ryan to sing and/or play guitar for the band's first show.

Eviscerator soon decided to record a demo and they play their
second show. Different viewpoints led to tension and Rex
temporarily quit. He is asked back and the band re-recorded demo
realizing they need a lead guitarist.

With tensions rising again Ryan, Rex and Chamberlin met and
Rex decided to leave permantly before problems got out of control.
Ryan then convinced Andrew, from Zee Docta, to play lead guitar.
The band then re-re-recorded the demo, this time for the final time.

Eviscerator play more shows with new material; destroying everything
in their path to an enthusiastic response from the fans